When to Give Up Control and Delegate

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my career is give up control.

When you own your own business—and especially when you’ve started that business as a solo act—it’s very difficult to let go and give the reigns to someone else. Yet, it’s imperative that you do so because if you don’t, you’ll always be the one doing the work. And quite frankly, your time is worth more than that.

Isn’t that easier said than done.

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We’ve Launched an AdWords Campaign and I Hate It

I’ll admit it, sometimes we are our own worst clients. I know I am. I have unrealistic expectations about how well a project is going to do, and I’m often disappointed with the short-term outcome.

And even though I know this, I’m still feeling disappointed about the short-term results of our own internal AdWords campaign.

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